Purrfect Paws for a Cause

If you buy a copy of Dougal’s Diary or When We Were Kittens from the Clan Destine Press website not only will you receive a 20% discount but, more importantly, Ingrid’s Haven will receive a matching 20% donation. how

The cat lovers here at Clan Destine Press are utterly delighted to announce the appointment of Dougal, our very own Author-Cat, as our official Purr Ambassador to Ingrid’s Haven.

Dougal’s new title is part of our bigger announcement of sponsorship for this wonderful Victorian cat shelter that provides an in-between home for abandoned cats.

The CDP humans have been following – 'liking' – Ingrid’s Haven on Facebook for quite a while... because there are cats, because we can’t help ourselves…

Also, in our various small ways, we’ve been trying to help Ingrid out by buying the Haven calendar, sponsoring a cat, or just by sharing the Facebook images of the gorgeous furry, ooh so… ...ahem, sharing the images of the cats who need homes.

Of the many many cats that we can’t have ourselves.

[Why can’t we? Because we’re already crazy cat people and our partners have all drawn the line at three cats in our houses. Or four cats. Okay, five.]

You see there are nearly 200 cats at Ingrid’s Haven looking for love and cuddles from their future families; those families who have yet to realise their new furry friends are waiting for them.

And they’re allowed to wait as long as it takes, because Ingrid’s Haven is a no-kill cat shelter.

We are amazed by the tireless work that Ingrid Arving does, first in rescuing cats from death row in pounds all over Victoria, and then caring for them day in day out.

And Ingrid does not discriminate about the cats she rescues.

She takes them all, and they are all types and ages and temperaments – from kittens or pregnant mothers, to charming older beings and lovable pusses with FIV. (Yes, there are AIDS cats).

So Ingrid’s Haven, just an hour’s drive north-east of Melbourne, is more than a just cat shelter; it’s even more than a temporary retreat for homeless felines. It’s a safe haven, a sanctuary from further harm, and a place to call home for as long as it takes for the right human or family of humans to meet them and invite them into their lives – furever.

Back here in CDP HQ, we started thinking that there must be more we could do to help, and the more is this:

We’re enlisting all the other cat lovers out there, who maybe also can’t invite a new puss into their home, to help out by buying a book or two and by spreading the word.

Clan Destine Press currently has two 'cat books' in our catalogue: the duology of the life-so-far of a certain gentleman cat called Dougal.

And the thing is, Dougal was rescued too – and from a pound. He knows what caged pound life was like, and how short that life might’ve been if he hadn’t been rescued – along with his adopted sister Shadow – by Man and Woman. 

Dougal’s Diary and its sequel When We Were Kittens is his life story – as told to his biographer David Greagg, aka Man – and includes his kittenhood, rescue, and the fabulous adventures he’s had since.

Dougal even has his own Facebook page [under Dougal’s Diary] where he continues to ruminate on life, the universe, why his sister does the things she does, why Belladonna always knows best, and why Man goes away so often.

No doubt he will also be miaowing away soon about his Ambassadorship and how, just by buying his books, humans will be able help ensure that Ingrid’s Haven has lots munchies and warm beds for all his furry cousins.

Although, we’re sure he and Shadow would love it even more if their story, about life with Man and Woman, encouraged readers to take the drive to Ingrid’s Haven and choose their own forever cat; cats.

In the meantime:

Ambassador Dougal’s Official Sponsorship Offer

If you buy a copy of Dougal’s Diary or When We Were Kittens from the Clan Destine Press website not only will you receive a 20% discount but, more importantly, Ingrid’s Haven will receive a matching 20% donation.

The rrp for each of Dougal’s books is $18.

This means Ingrid’s Haven gets $3.60 for each Dougal book you buy.

The book will only cost you $14.40 and, if you buy both books, we will forgo the postage cost.

So, buy the duology – and it will only cost you $28.80 (+ free postage)

Even better Ingrid will get $7.20 for her cats. Or more, if you buy extra copies for your friends.

What do you do now?

Visit our website – or if you here already click this link ;– and shop as usual for Dougal’s Diary and/or When We Were Kittens.

Once you’ve decided titles and quantity and proceed to the checkout there is an option to use your special Ingrid’s Haven sponsorship code.

Into the box you type the codeword: INGRID

Any and all books in your cart will then generate a 20% of rrp donation to Ingrid’s Haven. And yes we do mean ‘any and all’ books in your cart.

If you decide to buy any other CDP books while ordering your Dougal books, we will donate another 20%, of its/their rrp to Ingrid and her cats.

This means a $27 book – whether crime or fantasy or romance – will earn Ingrid another $5.40.

These amounts – $3.60, $7.80 – may not seem like much, but all new Haven cats are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped before being allowed to join the resident cats; and all the residents need ongoing worming and flea treatment. 

Just as Ingrid’s costs add up, so does the value of all accumulated donations.


So what’s stopping you? It’s a purrfectly good deal.