Ravenfall and the romantic vampire

It's release day for our newest papaerback:



Narrelle M Harris

A page-turning, action adventure

A sexy male/male romance 

A search for identity and humanity

Ravenfall follows the adventures of London doctor and newly-turned vampire, Dr James Sharpe,
and an artist with secrets of his own, Gabriel Dare.

In the midst of falling for each other, James and Gabriel must join forces with a Peer of the Realm
and a clairvoyant cop to uncover the truth about a diabolical plot that threatens the entire nation.

Ravenfall asks the big questions: What would you really do for love?
Would you kill, would you die, would you give up your soul for love?


     London Bridge Hospital       
              & The Shard

This is a question Narrelle often asks of her characters.

This time she event went all the way to London herself - for research - to find the answers. 


Narelle says:

I’ve always liked playing with vampire tropes, as anyone could tell from The Opposite of Life andWalking Shadows, my vampire novels set in contemporary Melbourne, with suburban vampire Gary Hooper and nerdy librarian Lissa Wilson as the awkward heroes.

I’ve always been interested in writing about all kinds of relationships too – my first book was a two-novella set of mysteries about music duo and romantic couple, Milo Bertolone and Frank Capriano, getting into life-threatening strife in Fremantle and Melbourne. Since then I’ve written gay, lesbian and straight love stories – because everyone is lovely and everyone is sexy and I want everyone to have a wonderful time with their soulmate.

So, take my love of vampires, my love of writing about everyone getting all the love, stir in a dollop of inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and – TA DA! – you get the bolt of inspiration that became Ravenfall.

In Ravenfall, James Sharpe is a doctor recently returned from Afghanistan, but no longer human. Gabriel Dare is a clever artist with a troubled past. Naturally, I throw the pair of them into a deadly adventure full of monsters, mystery and the wonder of falling in love when you think you’re no longer capable of tenderness.

The other thing that always interests me as a writer is the many ways there are of being human, and the many paths we humans can take to redeem our failures and reinvent our damaged selves. For me, the vampire trope isn’t about heaven and hell – it’s about alienation and isolation, often self-imposed.

Ravenfall isn’t solely a love story between two men. It’s not solely a paranormal thriller. It’s a story of people striving to reconnect with their own humanity as well as each other, and choosing to stand up for what they believe in with all their heart. Even when that heart has a sluggish beat.

             Narrelle M Harris (r) with
  our Ravenfall edtor, Wendy Fries, in London.


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