Sanctuary and other cat tales


The novella and two short stories in Sanctuary are all based on real-life furry personages who shared their lives with David Greagg - aka Man.

In Gamine and Ashe you will meet Gamine, Ashe, Furry and Quark who all graced his household for many long and fruitful years. 

These stories also feature cameo appearances by Dougal and Shadow, whose biographies have been chronicled here.

Tom is a resident of David's home town and Sanctuary is the story of his strange and improbable deliverance. 

If you enjoyed the adventures of Dougal, Shadow and Belladonna you will love revisiting the David's neighbourhood in Sanctuary.

And just to make things even more purry the special CDP promotion for Ingrid's Haven the cat sanctuary in Victoria will also apply to David's new book.