Sandy Curtis just can't help herself

or how my characters keep coming back... 

Have you ever not wanted to finish reading a book?

Not because you hated it, but because you loved the characters so much you didn’t want their story to end?

Well, that’s how I felt about Dance with the Devil… and I was writing the darn thing!

It made me realise how often I get frustrated when I had to leave the characters I had grown to love – the ones that other authors create.

So I resolved that my future readers would not have to experience that feeling of, ‘oh, but what happened next?’ or ‘you can’t leave their story there!’

I decided that Emma’s and Drew’s story wouldn’t end with Dance with the Devil. But, while most authors who make this decision usually go on to write a series featuring those same characters, I took a different path that still allowed me to ‘keep in touch’ with Drew and Emma.

Emma’s friend, Kirri, burst into Dance with the Devil, red curls flying, and ready to battle anyone to help her friend. But I knew she had a secret I had to explore; so my second book, Black Ice, became her story.

While I was writing Black Ice, Drew’s brother, Chayse, an undercover cop who’d featured in both books, kept coming into my mind, demanding that I write the prologue for his book.

I kept telling him to go away. He kept telling me that it would let the readers know his mindset at the start of Deadly Tide. I finally got tired of him interrupting and wrote the prologue. Damn the man, he was right. When it came time to edit the story, I only changed one word.

In books two and three I also touched on what was happening in the lives of Emma and Drew. Readers told me they loved this as they felt like they were reading about old friends, so I decided to keep faith with those readers and continue doing this.

But sometimes characters and stories take on a life of their own, no matter how hard the author tries to take control. Book four, Until Death, broke away from my loosely-linked series because it simply had to be a stand-alone story.

When the idea for book five, Dangerous Deception, came to me, I discovered that ex-Navy diver Rogan Mackay, a secondary character in Deadly Tide, had been waiting a year for me to tell his story. Rogan was supposed to be a walk-in-walk-out character, but he surprised me by becoming essential to the plot and taking a bigger role.

Fatal Flaw

And now, in Fatal Flaw, Mark Talbert – a covert operative who nearly died in Dangerous Deception – returns to hunt down a terrorist, find his father’s killer, and reunite with Julie Evans, his childhood friend. But Julie’s father is suspected of being in league with the terrorist, the villain wants Julie for himself, and Mark is falling in love with her and dreading her finding out what he’s really doing.


I love writing this loosely-linked series, and can’t wait to share book seven, Grievous Harm, with readers.

You see, there’s this secondary character in Fatal Flaw...


Sandy's Fatal Flaw is now out in paperback and eBook; and the first four in her loosely-linked series:  Dance With The Devil, Black Ice, Deadly Tide, and Dangerous Deception are available in epub and mobi eBook formats.


All of Sandy's eBooks will soon be available for Kindle from Amazon.

Her standalone Until Death will be published by the Clan Destine Press eBooks in 2012. And Grievous Harm is coming!