Scarlet Stiletto The Second Cut

Clan Destine Press is thrilled to announce to release of Scarlet Stiletto The Second Cut edited by Sisters in Crime Australia

A superb collection of mysterious, spine-chilling, intriguing and original crime fiction short stories chosen from the annual Scarlet Stiletto Awards presented by Sisters in Crime Australia.

The tales include murders, mysteries and other crimes, in which the women protagonists are professional investigators, amateur sleuths, accidental heroes, and sometimes even (often!) perpetrators. 

The stories range in style from deadly serious to diabolically funny.

With First Prize and category-winning stories from the last four years of the competition, Scarlet Stiletto The Second Cut proves that the future of women’s crime fiction in Australia is indeed bright.

And sinister.

And dark.

And deadly.

And thoroughly page turning.

The Second Cut is a fabulous companion to Scarlet Stiletto The First Cut which features stories from the first 13 years of the Scarlet Stiletto competition.

Clan Destine Press has also republished a limited run of The First Cut.

Both books are now available in paperbook; and soon as eBooks.