Special Offers and Bonus Books

Discounts, specials and flat-rate postage

From now on and henceforth we here at Clan HQ are offering some fantastic Booky deals to all our website customers.

New Encounters Website Prices

Every paperback will be available from our website only at 15% off the rrp.

This makes a $27 book $22.95.

It makes a $22 book $18.70

Postage for one or more books - anywhere within Australia - will be a flat $5.

Special Promos

Buy one get one free - on specific eBooks.

These offers will change on a regular basis - to keep things interesting and share the love.

From the Erotica eBooks you can:

Buy Thresholds by Teeko Venir and get La Connexion Francaise by ChiChi Argyle

Buy Loveless by Mary Borsellino and get Fearless: Rosalie by Anders free



From the Romance eBooks you can:

Buy Breakaway Creek by Heather Garside and get Dangerous Deception by Sandy Curtis free

Buy Blood Guilt by Lindy Cameron and get Medea by Kerry Greenwood free