Thrive & the #LoveOZYA Connection


Join the Australian Young Adult fiction revolution

The whole LoveOZYA thing began as a conversation that span into a campaign,
first with its own hashtag, a YA book club on Facebook, then a dedicated website.

As the #LoveOZYA idea garnered the attention of Australian writers, readers,
publishers, booksellers and online reviewers - it finally became a fully-fledged 'movement' determined to spread the word about the calibre, diversity and sheer quantity
of great Aussie fiction, both new and old, that is out there  for teenagers, young adults and, yes, those grown-ups who love great stories.

There's a good chance the Australian YA books will take over the world - and that
can only be a good thing.

The #LoveOZYA website - for readers, writers and teachers of Australian YA fiction has all kinds of resources, links and ideas for spreading The Word.

Or as they say: We all want the same thing - to draw the attention of Australian teens to Australian books that speak to their experience.   

The aim to help focus the discussions around YA fiction in this country, and help promote local books, events and authors to local readers.

One of their resources is a series of posters focussing on different concepts, genres, themes.

The latest of these focusses on Diversity in YA text, with two posters featuring a great range of books with LGBTQIA characters or themes.

And here is where our Mary Borsellino makes an appearance, with the cover of her specfic YA novelThrive.

Mary's writing has been called breathtaking, chilling and beautiful and Thrive - with its
future-dystopian but all-to possible world - is all these things and so much more.

Clan Destine Press is proud to support all that the #LoveOZYA movement is doing for Australian fiction - especially with a book like Thrive as an offering.

You can buy the paperback from CDP here or the eBook here. The paperback is also available in good bookstores - if not ask them to order it in.

And of course you can order through other online bookstores, and the eBook via Amazon.


And now, here are the links to all things #LoveOZYA, including a blogpost on its evolution.

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