Thriving in an uncertain future


Mary Borsellino's work has been called electrifying, breathtaking, chilling and beautiful.

THRIVE  - Mary's long-awaited new YA novel and the first to come from Clan Destine Press - is all these things and more.  

Mary's speculative fiction has always bent the rules and the world of Thrive is both future-dystopian and all-too possible.  

The young characters in Thrive - who don't fit into a controlled society's standard of 'normal' - carve a place for themselves in a world that doesn't want them; and, despite brutality and loss, discover how ideas can become the greatest weapon they have.



In a time and place where the gulf between the haves and the have-nots has grown painfully wide, Olivia lives a life cushioned with abundance.

After being kidnapped and held for ransom by Hannah, a girl from a very different kind of life, Olivia discovers a taste for things not commonly condoned in her world: black-market books, daring friends, wild creativity.

From the depths of factory oppression to the dizzying heights of vigilante rooftops, Olivia travels the margins of society, where the misfits gather and build homes for themselves out of whatever they can get their hands on – and fight to make a life worth living.