Walking Shadows

Friday, June 8, 2012 - 17:45

Vampires ~ Geeks ~ Librarians ~ Melbourne ~ Vampires

If you don't recognise this combo as belonging to the fabulous urban fantasy world created by Narrelle M Harris... then WHERE have you been hiding? Seriously, what more could you ask for?

How about an endorsement from none other than Charlaine Harris, yes, she of Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood fame who said of the first book:

"A most unusual vampire novel...if you can get this book, do. It’s really a refreshing take on a common theme.”

How about a release date and news of the official launch...

Walking Shadows second in Narrelle's GeekVamp series and sequel to The Opposite of Life, is so close to being an actual paperback & eBook that you should be able to feel it lurking in those shadows, whispering at you to make room on your bookshelf.

The new adventures of Gary & Lissa will be launched at

Continuum 8:

~ aka the 51st Australian National SF Convention ~

in Melbourne on Friday June 8 at 6pm.

That means that, in less than two weeks time, you can score your own 'signed' copy of Walking Shadows.

And yes, you can attend the launch at Rydges Hotel even if you're not attending Continuum.

Venue: Rydges on Swanston, 701 Swanston St Carlton

Time: 5.45 for 6pm

You want more?

How about a blurb....

Lissa Wilson’s life hasn’t been quite the same since people she cared about started getting themselves killed.

By vampires.

Lissa also learnt, the hard way, that the opposite of life is not always death. On the plus side, she made a new friend.

Gary Hooper may be the worst best-friend a librarian could have – and easily the worst vampire ever – but he has taught Lissa the real meaning of life.

Gary’s worldview has improved remarkably since meeting Lissa, but he worries all that could be lost if she discovers what services he provides Melbourne’s undead community.

Meanwhile, as their friendship brings him closer to the humanity he lost, it also puts them both in grave danger.

And there’s a big chance that the evil stalking them could get them both killed – in his case, for good this time.

You can, of course, also pre-order Walking Shadows - especially if you can't make the launch.

RRP is $27 - but there are launch and pre-order specials