Walking Shadows - launched & reviewed

The launch of Walking Shadows went off with a bang at Continuum last Friday.

The much-anticipated sequel to the Opposite of Life, by the Clan's newest author Narrelle Harris, was given a good hoorah by the charming Jason Nahrung.

It scored its first review - published on Goodreads - the very next day.

Sally Edwards had this to say about CDP's latest book:

A solid 4.5 stars.

I got Walking Shadows at the launch the day before yesterday, started it yesterday evening, was laughing out loud by page three and read straight through to finish in the early hours of this morning.

"Walking Shadows" is an excellent sequel to "The Opposite of Life". Characters we know and love are back, along with those we know and will never love and a few significant new ones for added interest and plot development. All are well formed and believable within context.

The dialogue rings true for the characters and scenes and the writing is brilliant! Melbourne lives as a background character within the pages. As a local I appreciate that greatly. It feels right. If you don't know the city and if you ever visit, you'll find what you've read about as you walk around.

I've been told that Narrelle's new publisher, Clandestine Press, will have an ebook available shortly, so my overseas friends will be able to get this at an affordable price far sooner than was available for the excellent first book "The Opposite of Life".

This series offers a different take on the vampire mythos than has become standard fare of late. I can't recommend it enough to friends who love urban fantasy or who simply enjoy a good read. You don't have to start with "The Opposite of Life" but I recommend you do if you haven't read it yet.

You know where to get the paperback of Walking Shadows... from all good bookstores and, of course, right here at Clan HQ.

The eBook will be available here next week, in epub and mobi; and from Amazon, as a kindle.