Welcome to Encounters

Clan Destine Encounters is the new home for great Aussie romance and erotica.

Here our authors might all be Australian but their stories of desire and passion are universal - much like love itself.

Whatever your fancy - a gentle or passionate romance, a tryst of fiery passion, an encounter of sizzling sex - there will be an Encounters book to suit your mood.

Our tales - both long and short - of lusty liaisons or happy-ever-afters also dip into every genre and criss-cross all the boundaries.

Some of our authors are well-known for writing other books - crime, urban fantasy, historical fiction - and are happy to let you know who they really are.

Others use pseudonyms because they are more shy and retiring - obviously ALL their daring goes into their writing - or are only known for the romance or erotica they have published with Clan Destine Press.

So we welcome you to Clan Destine Encounters where lives the short and sexy, long and lingering romantic romance and erotica of:


Kerry Greenwood - yes, she of Phryne Fisher fame, is also author of Out of the Black Land, and the Delphic Women trilogy, Medea, Cassandra and Electra.

Mary Borsellino - author of the five-book YA Wolf House series, The Devil's Mixtape; and, forthcoming from Clan Destine Press, Thrive.

Tamsin Baker - writes lots of erotica, for us and ther publishers. 

Anders  - as Dean J Anderson is the author of the sexy action-thriller Unnaturals.

NM Harris - Narrelle M Harris is also author of The Opposite of Life and Walking Shadows.

Jaycee Winters - also writes suspense novels, and has six books with CDP, plus the forthcoming Grievous Harm.

Frances Arden - as Jane Routley is the author of the romantic fantasy trilogy the Dion Chronicles - Mage Heart, Fire Angels and Aramaya; and the forthcoming Three Sisters.

Eve N Wilder, ChiChi Argyle, Teeko Venir, A.K. Wrox, Jaycee Winters and Binky Banks all write books in other genres - some of which are for not suitable for adults.


Heather Garside simply writes romance, or the rural / outback kind

Sarah Evans writes romcom crime

Helen Goltz spins romance into her crime fiction

Lindy Cameron - is also author of the action thriller Redback and the archaeological adventure Golden Relic.

Sandy Curtis writes romantic suspense - and is credited with kicking off the popularity of the genre in Australia. She has six books with CDP, plus the forthcoming Grievous Harm.