What's in a name?

Naming names is one of the most important things a writer has to think about when creating an otherworldy world, or ensuring an unworldly being fits into an otherwise-ordinary world.

Canberra specfic writer Gillian Polack decided to investigate the 'naming conventions' in some recent novels of the fantastic. She looked at the books of three Americans – Jon Sprunk, Mike Resnick and Erin Hoffman – and then took a look at the naming logic used by our very own
Narrelle Harris and A.K. Wrox.


So what is in a name (vampire) Gary Hooper and (librarian)Lissa Wilson?

Do Arrabella Candellarbra and Lord Langley Kilkenny inspire all kinds of questy things?

What of Aphrodisia the Faraway Tree Nympho?

And, seriously, wherefore art thou "JohnBirmingham, the wise blogger-bird who sees and knows all"?

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