What's New, Pussycat?


Short & Sexy

Long & Lingering

Always Sizzling

Today we launch our new Erotic eFiction list.

Our launch collection of 15 titles from a host of new erotic writers will tantalise, excite and arouse:

♦ quick trysts with strangers or lovers

♦ sexual adventures, awakenings and revelations 

♦ erotic romances - heat optional

♦ series erotica that keeps you coming back.



Drop by and meet our fabulous erotica authors:  

Eve N WilderJaycee WintersAndersNM HarrisChiChi ArgyleTeeko VenirKerry Greenwood (yes, that Kerry Greenwood), and Binky Banks.




[Perhaps you could even ask some of them about the whole 'pussycat' avatar thing!]


Priced according to story length, Clan Destine ENCOUNTERS ARE:

short & sexy quickies;

long & lingering encounters;

lusty and adventurous novellas & series erotica.


We have more Clan Destine ENCOUNTERS eBooks coming by more authors,

and sequels to the series fiction to keep you coming back for more.

Drop into the ENCOUNTERS site for more details.