Australian Genre Publishing

The Price of Fame

Tsana Dolichva says:

I have a soft spot for stories set in Melbourne, my home city. I might not have spent all that much time in St Kilda, but I’ve walked down Acland Street and bought pastires, and been to Luna Park and ridden the same roller coaster the band rides in the book (a few safety-induced renovations later). The language Daniells uses is distinctly Australian, particularly in the slang all the characters use, which I also enjoyed.

Overall, I enjoyed The Price of Fame and read it in two sittings, finding it difficult to put down, especially once the 80s story started to unfold. It has minor paranormal elements, but they don’t really become pivotal until the end and could almost be dismissed as magical realism (if paranormal elements aren’t your sort of thing).

I strongly recommend The Price of Fame to anyone who enjoys mystery/crime novels, paranormal fiction and/or historical Melbourne.

5 / 5 stars