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Killing Kindness

Bare Bones

Pixie Silvester looks on her psychic powers as a curse. She sees things, senses things - usually dead things - and sometimes she manages to solve crimes. When a child unearths human bones at a summer barbeque, Pixie experiences sensory overload and gets pitch-forked into a macabre case of missing women, some of whom have been buried alive.

Killing Kindness

When Cuddles, a wannabe fashion designer and bakery shop assistant, trips over a dead hit-and-run victim at midnight she unwittingly becomes embroiled in a dangerous scam. She shares iced buns with a crippled drugs dealer known as Al Capone and meets a sexy undercover cop with attitude, but she also has a run in with a couple of nutters who want to kill her as she gets close to solving the murder.

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