Dean J Anderson


Dean lives in a small coastal town of Yeppoon in Central Queensland.

His Dark Urban Fantasy novel Unnaturals came to life one night while he was camping with friends on an isolated headland on the Capricorn coast. The idea quickly took on a life of its own and became a rough manuscript.

Dean then joined the Queensland Writers Centre and, soon after, the Bundaberg Writers Club where he met other writers and experienced his first WriteFest in Bundaberg. He’s been a regular at the annual one-day festival with published authors and industry professionals ever since.

It was also via the BWC that Dean formed a working partnership with an experienced local editor; a relationship that forged a novel from his rough manuscript.

Unnaturals has strong female and male characters, a different perspective on mainstream family relationships, and – as it is urban fantasy after all – several life and death fights as an ordinary family join forces with the no-so-ordinary to save the world from impending doom.

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