A.K.A. Fudgepuddle


She’s sassy and opinionated – but

maybe not the sharpest feeli on

four legs.

When Megsy is checked in to the Lap of Luxury Cat Resort, she soon learns there’s a lot she doesn’t know, like: talent, pedigrees, surfing the Intercat, and where her kisskies went.

But, with the help of her fellow feeli inmates – Raffles, Big Dan, Zsa Zsa, Hamish the Handsome, and The Colonel – she gets a new perspective on life; and new name from cattery owner, Miss Steph.


A.K.A. Fudgepuddle is not a kids' book but is suitable for children - from 6 to 106.

It's a book for Cat People - or deuxjambs, as the feelis call us - of all ages. Even Dog People (or quiffo-lovers) will enjoy it.

With a grown-up sensibility - of ridiculous proportions - the adventures of Fudgepuddle
and her feeli friends is a hilarious tour de fur!


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