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Scarlet Stiletto: The Fifth Cut



Scarlet Stiletto: the Fifth Cut 
edited by Phyllis King


Award-winning crime stories from the 2013 Scarlet Stiletto Awards presented by Sisters in Crime Australia.

The Fifth Cut features tales filled with history, bigotry and revenge, car chases, dead blondes and PIs, tears, chills and laughter, from 12 talented women writers from across Australia.

A superb collection of page-turning mysteries in which fabulous female protagonists solve – and sometimes perpetrate – all kinds of crimes.


The authors and their stories in Scarlet Stiletto: the Fifth Cut are:

Bunyip's Last Wish          Candice Graham

Mary's Colours          Vicky Daddo

A Lovely Face          Kylie Fox

Milko          Moraig Kisler

Blonde Number Thirteen          Shannon Todd

Silk Versus Sierra           Sandi Wallace

Service With A Smile          Emilie Collyer

Stiff Luck          Loren Order

Just One Touch          Sarah Robinson-Hatch

Aunt Bob Decides           Alison Manthorpe 

The Case of the Missing Husband          Aoife Clifford

The Body in the Library         Dawn Farnham


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