Adventures in Love and Time


Tales of love and lust
between heroic and adventurous men
across the ages, from Ancient Egypt
via the Middle Ages to a thrilling
future in space. 


Kerry Greenwood's historical detail and sense of place and time, sets the many scenes for a wonderful collection of happy-ever-after male-male love stories.


Or as Kerry herself says: Wonderful stories of gorgeous gay men shagging each other senseless in impeccable historical settings.


The paperback edition of Herotica: Adventures in Love and Time features 36 stories collected from the three-volume eBooks series: Herotica vols 1 & 2 and Mytherotica.


Kerry Greenwood – creator of the fabulous Phryne Fisher - is also the author, for Clan Destine Press, of Out of the Black Land; the Delphic Women trilogy: Medea, Cassandra and Electra; and Salmancis.

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