Jennifer Lane


Jennifer Lane

Jennifer was born and raised in Cambewarra, attended Chevalier College in Bowral, and then set off to see the world.

A short story writer, novelist, and copywriter, Jennifer has spent almost half of her life outside Australia, mainly in New Zealand.

Her short stories have been published in journals and magazines on both sides of the Ditch, including Southerly: Writers and their Journals (Australia), Pulp (NZ), Viola Beadleton’s Compendium (NZ) and Island (Australia).

Jennifer's debut crime novel - set in Australia - won the Ngaio Marsh Best First Novel Award in New Zealand in September 2018.

All Our Secrets is set in the small fictional NSW town of Coongahoola where hundreds of `Believers' arrive and start to win souls. Children born in the aftermath of the town's infamous River Picnic, begin to go missing. Local girl Gracie Barrett is the naively-savvy spokesperson for her chaotic family, for the kids who are taken, and for the lurking fear that locks down the town and puts everyone under suspicion.


Multi-award-winning Australian crime writer, Emma Viskic, says All Our Secrets is “an impeccable coming-of-age story, complete with heartbreak, secrets and murder.”