Australian Genre Publishing


Sanctuary and other cat tales


The novella and two short stories in Sanctuary are all based on real-life furry personages who shared their lives with David Greagg - aka Man.

In Gamine and Ashe you will meet Gamine, Ashe, Furry and Quark who all graced his household for many long and fruitful years. 

Purrfect Paws for a Cause

Dougal, our very own Author-Cat, is our official real-cat Purr Ambassador to Ingrid’s Haven.

And Fudgepuddle, our newest cat, has been delegated as his imaginary sidekick, the fictional-cat Purr Envoy.

Their Titles are part of the Clan Destine Press sponsorship for Ingrid's Haven, the wonderful Victorian cat shelter that provides an in-between home for abandoned cats.

Fudgepuddle's great adventure

Yes, there's no doubt that here at Clan headquarters that we do have a thing for cats.

And the latest cat to join the Clan is the fabulously fictional Megsy, aka Fudgepuddle.

She’s sassy and opinionated – but maybe not the sharpest feeli on four legs.

When Megsy is checked in to the Lap of Luxury Cat Resort, she soon learns there’s a lot she doesn’t know, like: talent, pedigrees, surfing the Intercat, and where her kisskies went.