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David Greagg

Sanctuary and other cat tales


The novella and two short stories in Sanctuary are all based on real-life furry personages who shared their lives with David Greagg - aka Man.

In Gamine and Ashe you will meet Gamine, Ashe, Furry and Quark who all graced his household for many long and fruitful years. 

Dougal's Very Own Book Trailer

We here at Clan HQ are always being watched over by a cat or five, but none of our furkids have their own Book Trailer.

Dougal – our very first Author Cat – does, however, star in a Book Trailer because, thanks to his biographer the lovely and very-wizardly David Greagg,

Dougal has two books: Dougal's Diary & When We Were Kittens

A Cat, his Man, and the Launch of When We Were Kittens

The sequel to Dougal's Diary - which recounted the first year in the life of the brave and charming black-and-white cat.

When We Were Kittens continues the adventures of Dougal, his mouthy sister Shadow, the enigmatic and imperious Belladonna, and of course their humans, Man and Woman.

The launch is this Saturday - April 21 - at 11 am, in Yarraville at the Sun Bookshop.

It's a free event - but be purrfectly polite and give them a call (on 9689 0661) to let them know you're coming.

When We Were Kittens

We here at Clan Destine Press are purrfectly delighted to announce that our first book for 2012 has been whiskered off to the printer.

When We Were Kittens by David Greagg

will be available for pre-order from March 28.

The paperback of the much-anticipated sequel to Dougal's Diary will be officially launched on April 21 and will then be in all the best book shops.

Dougal's Diary - Interview with Shadow (or what it's like to be HIS little sister)

So what’s it like being the younger sister of the famous Dougal?

Shadow and DavidAbout what you would expect, really. Most of the time I’m incredibly proud of my big brother.

And the rest of the time?


Are we looking at Sibling Rivalry?


I don’t think it’s any secret that you Have Self-Esteem Issues.

Dougal's Diary - Interview with Belladonna

Hello Belladonna. How are you today?

[Dead silence]

So what’s it like being the highest-ranking cat in Dougal’s household?

[Complete ignore]

I think you might work with me here, if at all possible?

[Head Turn away]

Are you trying to tell me something?

[unblinking stare]

Right. I think I get the picture here.

Good. Have another go.

Brave or Crazy

People keep telling me I'm brave to start my own publishing company - at the moment. 

Dougal's Diary - now available on Kindle

You can now read all about the wonderful Dougal and his sister Shadow on your Kindle.

We're really pleased to annouce that Dougal's Diary is now available through Amazon US:

or Amazon UK:

Dougal's Diary ebook now Available

Dougal's Diary by David Greagg is now available as an ebook (epub or mobi format) from Clan Destine Press:

We hope you really enjoy this heart-warming little tale from a Very Good (and extremely Lucky!) Cat!

Coming Soon - Dougal's Diary as an ebook

We're just working on the formatting at the moment - so coming very very soon you'll be able to buy the wonderful Dougal's Diary as an ebook. In the meantime... like to see a review? Clancy (guest reviewer for AustCrimeFiction) made his reviewing debut with his overview of Dougal's Diary.