The Delphic Women Trilogy

Historically Speaking - Kerry Greenwood on The Delphic Women Trilogy

I grew up with the sounds of other languages swirling around my youthful ears. Other words, other intonations, different stresses, different meanings.

I found it fascinating that you could have words which meant the same, in translation, but bore different meanings, like calling someone a cow in Arabic or in French. One is a compliment, one is an insult.

Cassandra: Kerry Greenwood & Ran Valerhon

The perfect way to start 2012

We here at Clan Destine Press can't think of a better way to celebrate the first day of 2012 than showing off our first cover illustration for the New Year.

The awesome Ran Valerhon has outdone even himself with his illustration forĀ Cassandra - the second in the Delphic Women trilogy by the fabulousĀ Kerry Greenwood.

Cassandra - which follows Medea and precedes Electra - will be out by May.