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Food, sex and a table for three

Table for Three


Food as an aphrodisiac  - nothing new in that.

But when it helps bring three people together it might just keep them together.

After Will manages to ruin his best friend Sweets' regular casual hook-up, he promises to atone by finding him a new lady friend.

Complication one: the woman Will finds is so amazing that he can't help being attracted to her himself.

Brazen Encounters - the Blog - by Narrelle M Harris

The phone call in early 2013 was both unexpected and welcome.

'Clan Destine Press would like to branch out, said Lindy Cameron, my publisher. 'How do you feel about writing erotica?'

'Pretty damned good,' was my response, and I leapt into with a will.

Welcome to Encounters

Clan Destine Encounters is the new home for great Aussie romance and erotica.

Here our authors might all be Australian but their stories of desire and passion are universal - much like love itself.

Whatever your fancy - a gentle or passionate romance, a tryst of fiery passion, an encounter of sizzling sex - there will be an Encounters book to suit your mood.

Our tales - both long and short - of lusty liaisons or happy-ever-afters also dip into every genre and criss-cross all the boundaries.

New Erotica

CDP is celebrating the launch of the new Encounters website with some brand new erotica.

Coming very soon is new erotica from Mary Borsellino and Tamsin Baker.


Tamsin has already shared her M/F Perfect Timing and her M/M BDSM duology What I Need and now she turns up the F/F heat with her new eBook My Powerful Pet.