Fudgepuddle's great adventure

Yes, there's no doubt that here at Clan headquarters that we do have a thing for cats.

And the latest cat to join the Clan is the fabulously fictional Megsy, aka Fudgepuddle.

She’s sassy and opinionated – but maybe not the sharpest feeli on four legs.

When Megsy is checked in to the Lap of Luxury Cat Resort, she soon learns there’s a lot she doesn’t know, like: talent, pedigrees, surfing the Intercat, and where her kisskies went.

Unnaturals: dark urban fantasy

Clan Destine Press is thrilled to reveal the cover for our first Dark Urban Fantasy.

The sexy action-filled Unnaturals is also the debut novel for Dean J Anderson.

All CDP covers are wrap-around images, although the front cover is always more than enough to 'be judged' by.

But sometimes the whole thing really needs to be revealed to give you a better idea of what lies between the covers.

So here is Unnaturals

AK Wrox: Creating a fantasy brand to end all fantasy brands

Writing duo A.K. Wrox were guest lecturers at RMIT University in Melbourne last week.

Evelyn Tsitas – journalist & blogger, PhD student & sessional tutor in Creative Writing – blogs for CDP about how the session with her Master of Creative Media students went down.

They came, they saw, they were amazing.

Arrabella, A.K. Wrox and a Fairyland of fabulous news

Arrabella Candellarbra & The Questy Thing To End All Questy Things 2

Supanova, Penguins and a Baby!

A. K. Wrox are back in the blogosphere talking about ALL the Things they've been up to lately, and they even more amazing Things they'll be up to soon.

A.K. Wrox was born way after Arrabella Candellarbra

– which is weird since A.K. is her creator.

But, in the beginning it was Mandy and Kylie creating some characters, and a world for them to live in, for a bit of fun. And for inspiration. And as a release from the more serious novels we were each working on: Mandy on an urban fantasy and Kylie on a crime thriller.

Introducing: Arrabella Candellarbra

Arrabella Candellarbra

and the greatest Quest of all time...


With all the stuff that’s been going on around Clan headquarters lately, anyone would think we were a publishing company or something.

Although, yesterday, I was beginning to think we’d become a sanctuary for all manner of Strange Beasties…

Good and bad beasties…

Mammal and reptilian beasties…

Fungal and floral beasties…

You think I’m kidding?