Jane Routley

Jane Routley tells us what makes Kitten Avignon Tick

Jane Routley gives an insight into what makes her character Kitten Avignon tick.

The fascinating Madame Avignon - actress, courtesan, painter’s muse, fashion icon and paramour of Gallian ruler Duke Leon Saar - is one of the two main characters of The Dion Chronicles, Jane's fantasy novels: Mage Heart, Fire Angels and Aramaya.

Jane Routley asks: What would Kitten Avignon do?

The Flying Spaghetti Saga

Let’s face it, reality is very unsatisfactory. When my 18-month-old nephew was eating spaghetti at a posh restaurant recently, he came upon a strand that was too long and, after pulling it out of his mouth with ‘gak’ noise, he tossed it disdainfully over his shoulder. This being reality it landed harmlessly on the floor of the mostly empty restaurant.

Such potential for chaos wasted!

Introducing: Fire Angels

Clan Destine Press announces the eBook launch of Fire Angels the second book in The Dion Chronicles by Jane Routley.

Fire Angels won the 1998 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

Reunited with the family she left behind as a child, Dion Holyhands finds her cherished homeland of Moria overrun by marauding Witch Hunters and dreaded Fire Angels.

Dion soon realises that she must use her awesome powers to help save her land and its people from the crushing grip of the Great Destroyer.

Introducing: Jane Routley and The Dion Chronicles

Clan Destine Press

is thrilled to announce the next big thing: our first eBook trilogy and a fabulous new author to go with it.

The Dion Chronicles by Jane Routley

is a fantasy trilogy with a splendid pedigree. First published in paperback [by someone else] two of the trilogy won Aurealis Awards.

Today we officially welcome Jane to the Clan and introduce her eBooks to a new readership and long-time fans.