NM Harris

The boys are back in town

A Paying Client, a Talbott and Burns mystery


It might have taken BFFs Jack Burns and Eliott Talbot a decade to admit they were perfect
for each other but once they acknowledged it there's been no turning back.

And then, when they also started an investigation business, mayhem naturally followed.

The second adventure in the Talbott & Burns erotic/romantic mystery series is all about the love...
and the mystery. 

Narrelle's Encounters in the Land of Erotica

Don't Fence Her In

or Narrelle's adventures in new genres...

Narrelle M Harris, author of the geek-vampire novel Walking Shadows, and, as NM Harris, author of the erotic action adventure Secret Agents, Secret Lives: Double Edged is talking about her wandering writer's life on her blog.