Until Death

Sandy Curtis... Until Death

The latest thriller - with a touch of romance - from Sandy Curtis has gone live at Clan Destine Press.

We are thrilled to announce the sixth Sandy Curtis thriller to pass through our eBookery. 

Until Death is now available in epub and mobi formats from the CDP website; is kindled for sale via Amazon.com; and will soon be available through book.ish in Australia, and via iTunes for reading on mobiles and other compatible devices.

Until Death

Is she a killer?

Sandy Curtis just can't help herself

or how my characters keep coming back... 

Have you ever not wanted to finish reading a book?

Not because you hated it, but because you loved the characters so much you didn’t want their story to end?

Well, that’s how I felt about Dance with the Devil… and I was writing the darn thing!

It made me realise how often I get frustrated when I had to leave the characters I had grown to love – the ones that other authors create.